True Blood Gas

Ever wondered how your going to fill up your tank?  Maybe you had that depressing feeling  after you finished filling up? Mankind suck oil from the earth, as a vampire suck blood to survive. We suffer from a disease of ignorance. Fuel alternatives are everywhere. Electricity can be generated for free. It can be pulled from the air, water, and even the sun. Wind farms use the natural wind currents to generate electricity. It produces no waste. Water can give us hydrogen. It produces no waste. The sun gives us an abundance of energy. It produces no waste. Oil gives us a quick fix. It produces waste. Waste which is harmful to the environment. The BP Oil Spill will be a mark in history. A tatoo of our regret. We have a responsibility to our kids to give them the tools for a better future. We cannot keep standing still. We cannot keep pumping gas without thinking of the repercussions. When you pump gas again, keep in mind that there is a much cheaper alternative. An alternative that will change the world. Once we have studied the alternatives, expand on it. There is so much science that has been unlocked and quieted. One would be amazed at the technology that exists. The only way we are going to get there is by “Working In The Cloud.” Sharing ideas online in an abundance. If you have an idea that works, don’t put it off. It just maybe your life’s purpose. I beg people to keep studying and expanding. Imagine a day in which you will not have to goto the pump. A day in which you go to your vehicle turn it on and it will run on itself. A vehicle powered by zero point energy and propelled by electric wind, static. Imagine this future. It is close.


What if you were told all your life to believe what you read? What if what you read isn’t necessarily the truth?  People go day-to-day reading words printed by another man and take it as fact.  I will not mention any one particular book. I wish to merely bring to the table this mental block that we inherited. It is hard to read more than one history book and find the exact details of a historical event. People need to start finding their own truths in this world. One could do this my researching multiple views and events. Ultimately, you will find a sound conclusion.  This is why I praise the internet. It allows our mass consciousness to pick and poke at details. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of retarded things on the internet. However, you can find the truth if you use sound judgement and apply yourself. For example, we had learned Egyptians were mathematically advanced and developed hieroglyphic writings. What didn’t we learn? The tools used in the creation of The Great Pyramid were never found.  Also, that the first englishman to travel to the top experienced high currents of static electricity.  Remember, do not always believe what your read. Research!

To Tax Or Not To Be Taxed

Taxes. It helps us accomplish so many things. We can build roadways, help the sick, and do so much good. However, it is a double edged sword that is also hurting us. The colonists believed that taxing without fair representation was wrong. Who are the people that manage our taxes? Can you name each person that handles a piece of the taxes you paid? Unfortunatly, you cannot. There are so many networks and programs that is is nearly impossible to see where every penny goes. Even the presidents cabinet cannot assure every penny gets to where its needs to be. We give out our trust so easily these days. We have been born in america. The land of the free. Trust in thy country. Seriously? We are expected to give our money to taxes and hope for the best. Would you walk up to a stranger on the street with a CPA and ask him to handle your money? No? Well, that is exactly what you did. Taxes can do great things for this world, if the world was honest.  The government needs to have an online tracking site for each tax payer’s dollar. If we have to report how much we make and spend, so should our government. John Smith should be able to collect his pay stub and be able to see exactly what happened to $200 of his wages that week. Itemization can be done. If we can throw a big pile of money at AIG Insurance so they can party, then we can throw a pile at a group of programmers and accountants. Fair tax with representation, now thats what I’m talking about.


How often have you procrastinated doing a task?  Were you distracted by a movie, facebook, or video games? Entertainment has been popular since the beginning of time. However, the industry now seems to have a purpose. The main purpose is to control free time. Your time is valuable to you, but it is also valuable to others. They use this time to make you favorable towards a product. What happens when you are favorable towards a product? You want the product or want more of it. This product is going to cost you money or time. Both of which is valuable as I mentioned. The people who have the most money and time on their hands are the people with the most control.

Next time you want to do something FUN, ask yourself this question.  How much money did it cost? How much time has it taken out of my life? Other than having fun, how has it benefited your life? For example, you went to the movies. You paid $20 for a ticket and popcorn and spent 2 hours of your free time watching it. However, you might have worked 2 or more hours to be able to watch it. Thats 4hrs gone out of your life for possibly bad acting. Now, what if you spent 2 hours working and two hours studying something you enjoy? You not only gained some cash for expenses, but also made yourself a little smarter. Education can be free if you look in the right places.

100 Year Old Technology

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors the world has never known. That’s right, the world has NEVER known. You might have to study a few pieces of his work in electrical and mechanical engineering. However, his life’s goals and ambitions are left unknown  and incomplete.  During the turn of the twentieth century he had brought many inventions to the table. They are used everyday. This includes the discovery of creating AC current. Tesla suffered from visions and had an urge to bring his visions to life. Back by the schooling of the time and his advanced method of thought, new technology was created. Tesla believed that no one should be held back from completing their dream. In his case, he wanted to help the world with his creations. This idea of creating free wireless electricity to the world was on his agenda. The Wardenclyffe Tower is where he wanted to start the change of a new free flowing world. Wireless Electricity and Wireless Transmissions was an ease for Mr. Tesla. He proposed to create one of the cheapest electrical powerhouses in the world. This idea was bought up by JP Morgan Chase. You may recognize the name. Tesla had his funding and began creating his powerhouse. This powerhouse would take the small amount of electrical current in our atmosphere and convert it usable electricity. However,  he planned to produce this electricity for free and distribute it wirelessly.  Once, JP Morgan Chase found out he shut down funding. Chase’s belief was you cannot put a meter on wireless electricity. Tesla’s idea was sound and proven. However, his invention was lost in time on purpose. Tesla has much work that is being continued by amature inventors. Work is left unpublished. This is to protect the integrity of their work. Nikola Tesla died broke and discredited in the scientific community. Limitless energy could dissolve the need for fossil fuels and ancient ways of energy creation. Why would someone want to stop limitless energy?

False Freedoms

Today is the day an alternative belief is being blogged.  People have the right to know about the veil of freedom. The veil is a cover to the modernized slavery of today. Allow me to elaborate on this a little further.  As an American, we observe certain freedoms. The right to own land, bare arms, and earn an honest living. What is the cost of these freedoms? Ask yourself a few questions. How hard is it to get into college? How much will it cost? How will I pay for college once I graduate?

The truth is America has the best colleges in the world. However, it is almost impossible to attend these colleges without the proper capital. Sure, the best and the brightest will qualify for the best scholarships and grants. What about the people who need a little more help? This is the class that over half of Americans fall. It is the middle class. As a middle class American, you are allowed the dream of a great college career. This dream will cost you a great deal. By signing up for college, you are agreeing  to pay a bill for services rendered. This bill will not disappear overnight. It is going to take many years to pay off this debt.

Graduation! What a great day! Now you have the ability to go anywhere and work in the field you wish.  However, chances are you are going to either have to move to your job or wait for one to open up. The choice to leave your family behind or to financially struggle to make your minimum loan payments. Lets move forward shall we?  You landed the position you wanted! Now you just started a family. However, you are still required to pay off those pasts debts as well as raise a new family.

Welcome to the juicy climax of this article! You have made it right where you wanted! Is that what you really wanted? A life of dedication to your family? Yes, that’s exactly where you wanted to be. Also, that is where a complete stranger would want you to be. You are now in a position where you can live your life and support a family. However, many of your freedoms have been stripped in the process. You have vowed dedication to the perpetual slavery in our world today. Its not your fault. You had no clue until today.  In my articles, I will explain in detail how to ensure a better life for yourself. I will explain the role of this hidden master that has done everything in their power to hold us back. I welcome you to indulge my articles only as fiction until you find your own proof of its existence.