Red Vs. Blue

Democrats vs. Repulicans….McDonalds vs. Burger King…At&t vs. Verizon…..Microsoft vs. Apple…Intel vs. AMD  We have options! Don’t we? It is amazing how we fail to recognize the disruption in politics, industry, and our personal lives. We are given the illusion of freedom. Although it is limited, you have options. This is a particular groups agenda to elude the people from their rights. Democracy allows the people to vote on who makes decisions for them. unfortunately, by the time people make it big they are bought out or threaten. There is no security for those who wish to make it in the people’s eyes and then work for them. JFK knew about these particular groups and vowed that his administration should report any suspicious activity. You might ask why I write about this group if they are such a threat. I do this because the world has a right to know about this secret agenda. September 11th 2001 was planned. Many people died right in front of our eyes. We were upset and wanted to see heads roll. What happened then? George W. Bush pointed a finger. To everyone’s surprise, it was the Middle-East. When Iraq was liberated, things slowed and more and more people researched the 9/11 evidence. A woman had  dust examined to find out it was a new form of an explosive. This explosive was being research by our own government contracted company. A few years prior to 9/11, work was done on the buildings infrastructure. unfortunately, the construction records were lost in the explosion. No weapons of mass destruction had been found. No video evidence of the plane that hit the Pentagon was found. The person who made the documentary is looking at prison for drug charges. I beg you as a reader to please wake up. You do not have to get mad or seek revenge on this group. Just be aware it exists. I am a Christian and believe god will save those who wish to be saved. Whether you’re a buddhist, hindu, or even a muslim do not fear. Just remember to not lift a hand towards a brother. We lifted our hand towards countries that require their own civil wars. It is not our place to govern their land without premise. We have been herded to specific options. These options were presented as if we hard a choice.  There is a lot more than meets the eye. I’ll reference The Matrix. Would you like to go down the rabbit hole?

One thought on “Red Vs. Blue

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! It’s encouraging to know that some of us are awake to the evil corruption that the global fascist elite are imposing on so-called democratic countries.
    The system is contrived to deliver a certain outcome, it was discovered by the slave traders that slaves (us) are more productive if they have some choices and a belief that they’re free. So the model of democracy that we see across the planet is that of a 2 party system, both of which deliver slavery to elite power mongers.
    The trick for us now is to shatter this destructive system, the infowar or psywar is now being waged, and we must awaken as many people before their evil plan is completed.
    Hillary Clinton spoke to Congress this week and made an incredible and surprisingly honest statement, she said that the US government was losing the infowar and that they needed more money to address the balance.
    This is indeed very encouraging news and an admission that they are losing an effective propaganda machine.
    What may happen next in a bid to regain control of propaganda? I expect to see an assault on the internet and they will use wikileaks as the reason behind restricting freedoms on the net!!!


    Respect and Peace!!

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