Digital Currency Boom! Bitcoin Feathercoin

Bitcoin has started becoming the virtual currency standard. It has given birth to many other virtual currencies. In the end there can only be a few leaders. Right now it is a fight to implement these digital currencies into the market. As we watch the popularity grow, we must follow countries and see how they work to regulate this new currency which has no physical backing. We are now in the 21st century and do see a need to barter freely. I see this currency as a stepping stone into the future. We have put faith into the stock market and it has given people a chance to grow businesses and create jobs. I foresee bitcoin and such others doing the same. Feathercoin has been gaining momentum and has been experiencing exponential growth in popularity. It is an alternative to bitcoin and was created in Oxford, England. I look forward to seeing the financial economy around the world equalizing and watching the world grow together rather than apart. English is the more popular language and we have grown by sharing it with more people. I believe we can do the same with virtual currency. Maybe tomorrow, we will be withdrawing from a Bitcoin ATM.