Bitcoin strong but…look to the Ether

Nikola Tesla spoke about the ether in and around everything. Well, this ether isn’t the same thing. It’s Ethereum. It is a crypto-currency that has been gaining ground fast in 2016. Bitcoin revolutionized the idea of decentralized currency in 2009 and has grown to a staggering $462.50 USD per bitcoin. Ethereum has mirrored some of bitcoin’s early days. Starting the year at $1 a coin not top off at $10 a coin. Both serve different purposes. Imagine bitcoin as the cash handed hand to hand from consumer to business and business to consumer. Ethereum would be implemented more on the back end of systems. Think of it as business to business transactions. We exchange currencies everyday. However, on the back end its an exchange of marks and tallies. This is Ethercoin at the moment. Slowly, we will see implementation into websites for more purchasing power online. Look at Bitcoin as a testament. In 2009, it was an idea. Now, it is a usable internet currency. I anticipate big things for Ethercoin.

How to buy an Ethercoin:

  1. Go to
  2. Buy a whole or part of a Bitcoin
  3. Transfer your Bitcoin to
  4. Trade a Bitcoin for Ethercoin

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