Madison Wisconsin Is Being Quieted

People! There has been a political attack on our education, on our future. Today I turned on the TV in Madison. I did not see one news station showing the traumatic event that just occurred in our capitol. Michael Moore has raised over 490,000 views on Youtube. We the people have the right to know what is happening in our capitol live. Do not allow this event blow over. The people were easily eluded from 9/11 but do not be blinded by media.  Websites are being shut down and links being pulled. They are trying to blind us from the current event. The information is flowing faster than they can contaminate it. You can support the rally online. Blogs and fund reporting the event. Repost current events on Facebook for your friends to see. Spread the word. Protect people’s right to a good wage and a good education. More people are flooding in everyday from states around the country. The National Guard has been called in. THE TIME IS NOW! Let’s recall Walker and have him pay for his crimes.


What if you were told all your life to believe what you read? What if what you read isn’t necessarily the truth?  People go day-to-day reading words printed by another man and take it as fact.  I will not mention any one particular book. I wish to merely bring to the table this mental block that we inherited. It is hard to read more than one history book and find the exact details of a historical event. People need to start finding their own truths in this world. One could do this my researching multiple views and events. Ultimately, you will find a sound conclusion.  This is why I praise the internet. It allows our mass consciousness to pick and poke at details. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of retarded things on the internet. However, you can find the truth if you use sound judgement and apply yourself. For example, we had learned Egyptians were mathematically advanced and developed hieroglyphic writings. What didn’t we learn? The tools used in the creation of The Great Pyramid were never found.  Also, that the first englishman to travel to the top experienced high currents of static electricity.  Remember, do not always believe what your read. Research!

False Freedoms

Today is the day an alternative belief is being blogged.  People have the right to know about the veil of freedom. The veil is a cover to the modernized slavery of today. Allow me to elaborate on this a little further.  As an American, we observe certain freedoms. The right to own land, bare arms, and earn an honest living. What is the cost of these freedoms? Ask yourself a few questions. How hard is it to get into college? How much will it cost? How will I pay for college once I graduate?

The truth is America has the best colleges in the world. However, it is almost impossible to attend these colleges without the proper capital. Sure, the best and the brightest will qualify for the best scholarships and grants. What about the people who need a little more help? This is the class that over half of Americans fall. It is the middle class. As a middle class American, you are allowed the dream of a great college career. This dream will cost you a great deal. By signing up for college, you are agreeing  to pay a bill for services rendered. This bill will not disappear overnight. It is going to take many years to pay off this debt.

Graduation! What a great day! Now you have the ability to go anywhere and work in the field you wish.  However, chances are you are going to either have to move to your job or wait for one to open up. The choice to leave your family behind or to financially struggle to make your minimum loan payments. Lets move forward shall we?  You landed the position you wanted! Now you just started a family. However, you are still required to pay off those pasts debts as well as raise a new family.

Welcome to the juicy climax of this article! You have made it right where you wanted! Is that what you really wanted? A life of dedication to your family? Yes, that’s exactly where you wanted to be. Also, that is where a complete stranger would want you to be. You are now in a position where you can live your life and support a family. However, many of your freedoms have been stripped in the process. You have vowed dedication to the perpetual slavery in our world today. Its not your fault. You had no clue until today.  In my articles, I will explain in detail how to ensure a better life for yourself. I will explain the role of this hidden master that has done everything in their power to hold us back. I welcome you to indulge my articles only as fiction until you find your own proof of its existence.