Bitcoin strong but…look to the Ether

Nikola Tesla spoke about the ether in and around everything. Well, this ether isn’t the same thing. It’s Ethereum. It is a crypto-currency that has been gaining ground fast in 2016. Bitcoin revolutionized the idea of decentralized currency in 2009 and has grown to a staggering $462.50 USD per bitcoin. Ethereum has mirrored some of bitcoin’s early days. Starting the year at $1 a coin not top off at $10 a coin. Both serve different purposes. Imagine bitcoin as the cash handed hand to hand from consumer to business and business to consumer. Ethereum would be implemented more on the back end of systems. Think of it as business to business transactions. We exchange currencies everyday. However, on the back end its an exchange of marks and tallies. This is Ethercoin at the moment. Slowly, we will see implementation into websites for more purchasing power online. Look at Bitcoin as a testament. In 2009, it was an idea. Now, it is a usable internet currency. I anticipate big things for Ethercoin.

How to buy an Ethercoin:

  1. Go to
  2. Buy a whole or part of a Bitcoin
  3. Transfer your Bitcoin to
  4. Trade a Bitcoin for Ethercoin

Learn more about the Ethereum Project @ &

Digital Currency Boom! Bitcoin Feathercoin

Bitcoin has started becoming the virtual currency standard. It has given birth to many other virtual currencies. In the end there can only be a few leaders. Right now it is a fight to implement these digital currencies into the market. As we watch the popularity grow, we must follow countries and see how they work to regulate this new currency which has no physical backing. We are now in the 21st century and do see a need to barter freely. I see this currency as a stepping stone into the future. We have put faith into the stock market and it has given people a chance to grow businesses and create jobs. I foresee bitcoin and such others doing the same. Feathercoin has been gaining momentum and has been experiencing exponential growth in popularity. It is an alternative to bitcoin and was created in Oxford, England. I look forward to seeing the financial economy around the world equalizing and watching the world grow together rather than apart. English is the more popular language and we have grown by sharing it with more people. I believe we can do the same with virtual currency. Maybe tomorrow, we will be withdrawing from a Bitcoin ATM.

To Tax Or Not To Be Taxed

Taxes. It helps us accomplish so many things. We can build roadways, help the sick, and do so much good. However, it is a double edged sword that is also hurting us. The colonists believed that taxing without fair representation was wrong. Who are the people that manage our taxes? Can you name each person that handles a piece of the taxes you paid? Unfortunatly, you cannot. There are so many networks and programs that is is nearly impossible to see where every penny goes. Even the presidents cabinet cannot assure every penny gets to where its needs to be. We give out our trust so easily these days. We have been born in america. The land of the free. Trust in thy country. Seriously? We are expected to give our money to taxes and hope for the best. Would you walk up to a stranger on the street with a CPA and ask him to handle your money? No? Well, that is exactly what you did. Taxes can do great things for this world, if the world was honest.  The government needs to have an online tracking site for each tax payer’s dollar. If we have to report how much we make and spend, so should our government. John Smith should be able to collect his pay stub and be able to see exactly what happened to $200 of his wages that week. Itemization can be done. If we can throw a big pile of money at AIG Insurance so they can party, then we can throw a pile at a group of programmers and accountants. Fair tax with representation, now thats what I’m talking about.

100 Year Old Technology

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors the world has never known. That’s right, the world has NEVER known. You might have to study a few pieces of his work in electrical and mechanical engineering. However, his life’s goals and ambitions are left unknown  and incomplete.  During the turn of the twentieth century he had brought many inventions to the table. They are used everyday. This includes the discovery of creating AC current. Tesla suffered from visions and had an urge to bring his visions to life. Back by the schooling of the time and his advanced method of thought, new technology was created. Tesla believed that no one should be held back from completing their dream. In his case, he wanted to help the world with his creations. This idea of creating free wireless electricity to the world was on his agenda. The Wardenclyffe Tower is where he wanted to start the change of a new free flowing world. Wireless Electricity and Wireless Transmissions was an ease for Mr. Tesla. He proposed to create one of the cheapest electrical powerhouses in the world. This idea was bought up by JP Morgan Chase. You may recognize the name. Tesla had his funding and began creating his powerhouse. This powerhouse would take the small amount of electrical current in our atmosphere and convert it usable electricity. However,  he planned to produce this electricity for free and distribute it wirelessly.  Once, JP Morgan Chase found out he shut down funding. Chase’s belief was you cannot put a meter on wireless electricity. Tesla’s idea was sound and proven. However, his invention was lost in time on purpose. Tesla has much work that is being continued by amature inventors. Work is left unpublished. This is to protect the integrity of their work. Nikola Tesla died broke and discredited in the scientific community. Limitless energy could dissolve the need for fossil fuels and ancient ways of energy creation. Why would someone want to stop limitless energy?