Madison Wisconsin Is Being Quieted

People! There has been a political attack on our education, on our future. Today I turned on the TV in Madison. I did not see one news station showing the traumatic event that just occurred in our capitol. Michael Moore has raised over 490,000 views on Youtube. We the people have the right to know what is happening in our capitol live. Do not allow this event blow over. The people were easily eluded from 9/11 but do not be blinded by media.  Websites are being shut down and links being pulled. They are trying to blind us from the current event. The information is flowing faster than they can contaminate it. You can support the rally online. Blogs and fund reporting the event. Repost current events on Facebook for your friends to see. Spread the word. Protect people’s right to a good wage and a good education. More people are flooding in everyday from states around the country. The National Guard has been called in. THE TIME IS NOW! Let’s recall Walker and have him pay for his crimes.